Austsaw Cutting Blades for Brick Saws

EXTREME Circular Saw Blade technology

Blades Designed for Brick Saw CUTTING

A Brick Saw is an electrically operated tool, used to perform the quick and accurate cutting of masonry materials. Brick cutting saws are typically either Drop Brick Saw (rotating blade) or Table Brick Saws.

Drop Brick Saws allow materials to be cut when the rotating saw blade is pulled in a controlled downwards motion onto a work piece whilst held securely against a fence or where the operator works a slide table causing the material to be cut by a stationary blade.

Conversely, Table Brick Saws have a table base that is capable of sliding, enabling the masonry material to be pushed onto the stationary rotating blade.

Australian Saw Company Pty Ltd - Manufacturer and Supplier of EXTREME performance cutting blades for Brick Saws