Austsaw Crack Chaser Segmented Diamond Blades

EXTREME ceramic, concrete and mortar circular saw blade technology


The Austsaw Crack Chaser Diamond blade is made from the highest quality steel with an extremely high diamond count.

Designed for CUTTING
Wet and Dry:

  • Ceramic (Bricks)
  • Concrete (Mortar, Blocks, Bricks, Green Concrete / New)

EXTREME performance

The Austsaw Crack Chaser Segmented cutting blade is made from hardened temped steel with an extremely high
diamond count you will experience extreme cutting performance. The V shape design is perfect for crack chasing repairs in concrete using epoxy resin or cement products..

For use with Angle Grinders.

  • Designed for wet or dry cutting and grooving.

Available in sizes;

Product Code Diameter Bore Type
CC105S 105mm (4”) 16mm Segmented V shape

Australian Saw Company Pty Ltd - Trade  Segmented Diamond Blade Manufacturer and Supplier of Saw Blade Technology Products.