Austsaw Milling Cutter Blades

EXTREME aluminium and weld preparation saw blade technology


The Austsaw Milling Cutter can be resharpened.

Designed for CUTTING

  • Aluminium and Weld Preparation.

EXTREME performance

The Milling Cutter is made from hardened tempered body with the highest quality carbide tips. Purchase an Austsaw Milling Cutter Blade and you will experience extreme cutting performance.

For use with Portable Saws.

  • Triple Chip Technology
  • Can be Resharpened
  • Ideal for Aluminium Tanks
  • Suitable for Boat Repairs.

Lubricant MUST be used when cutting aluminium.

  • Aly-Lube is ideal when cutting non ferrous metals.

Available in sizes;

Product Code Diameter Bore Teeth
MC1031620 103mm (4") 4mm 16mm 20
MC11522224 115mm (4½”) 4mm 22.2mm 24
MC12522224 125mm (5") 4mm 22.2mm 24

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