Austsaw Super Turbo Diamond Blades

EXTREME wave design ceramic, concrete, cement sheet / cement board, rock and stone cutting saw blade technology


The Austsaw Super Turbo circular cutting saw blade is made from hardened tempered steel with an extremly high diamond count.

Designed for CUTTING
Wet and Dry:

  • Ceramic (Bricks, Pipes, Terracotta)
  • Concrete (Blocks / Bricks, Pavers, Pipes, Reo - Rebar, Reinforced)
  • Drywall (Cement Sheet / Board)
  • Rock/Stone (Basalt / Bluestone - Hard, Granite, Marble, Slate / Bluestone - Soft).

EXTREME performance

The Austsaw Super Turbo wave design diamond cutting blade with its added strength to the body of the blade helps move dust build up from the job to create a smooth clean cut. Purchase the Austsaw Super Turbo circular saw diamond cutting blade and you will experience extreme cutting performance!

For use with Angle Grinders, Circular Saws and Portable Saws.

Available in sizes;

Product Code Diameter Bore Type
AU/DIA 103T 103mm (4”) 16mm Super Turbo
AU/DIA 115T 115mm (4½”) 22.2mm Super Turbo
AU/DIA 125T 125mm (5”) 22.2mm Super Turbo
AU/DIA 180T 180mm (7”) 20mm Super Turbo
AU/DIA 230T 230mm (9”) 25/22.2mm Super Turbo

Australian Saw Company Pty LtdSuper Turbo Diamond Blade Manufacturer and Supplier of Saw Blade Technology Products.