EXTREME Performance Concrete Pavement Cutting Blades

concrete-pavemen-cutting-bladesAustsaw manufacture Concrete Pavement Cutting Blades designed for use with Angle Grinders, Brick Saws, Circular Saws, Concrete Saws, Portable Saws and Radial Arm Saws.

Concrete Pavement Circular Saw Cutting Blades in the Austsaw range of saw blade technology products include General Purpose and Trade Green and Black Segmented Diamond Saw Blades.

A pavement (or sidewalk, footpath, footway, and sometimes platform) is a path along the side of a road. Pavements in Australia are generally made of concrete and sometimes laid for driveways and paths in parks and gardens. Pavers (Concrete Paver Cutting Blades), ceramic bricks (Ceramic Brick Cutting Blades), stone (Rock/Stone Cutting Blades) or softer material asphalt  (Asphalt Cutting Blades), or ground coverings such as crushed limestone in varying grades are also used for pavements and paths.

The Australian Saw Company range of Austsaw Concrete Pavement Cutting Blades are specifically designed to cut concrete pavements that are old. For new / green concrete pavements that has set but not hardened, select from the Austsaw range of (Green Concrete Cutting Blades) for the least amount of fretting or tearing of the concrete surface.

For EXTREME concrete pavement cutting performance, purchase from one of our Concrete Cutting Blade stockists today. Circular Saw Concrete Pavement Cutting Blades are available in a range of diameter, bore and teeth sizes. You’re sure to find the perfect Concrete Cutting Blade for your application.

Australian Saw Company Pty Ltd - Manufacturer and Supplier of Austsaw Concrete Pavement Cutting Circular Saw Cutting Blade Products.