EXTREME Performance Ceramic Pipe Cutting Blades

ceramic-pipe-cutting-bladesAustsaw manufacture Ceramic Pipe Cutting Blades designed for use with Angle Grinders, Brick Saws, Circular Saws, Concrete / Demo Saws, Portable Saws, Radial Arm Saws and Tile Saws.

Ceramic Circular Saw Cutting Blade Products in the Austsaw range of saw blade technology products includes Diamond Saw Blades (Ultra Thin, Super Turbo and Super Turbo Boxer) and Segmented Diamond Saw Blades (General Purpose).

Pipes made from concrete (Concrete Pipe Cutting Blade) or ceramic are usually for low-pressure applications such as gravity flow or drainage. Pipes for sewage are predominantly made from concrete or vitrified clay. Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP) is a pipe made from clay that has been subjected to vitrification, a process that fuses the clay particles to a very hard, inert, glass-like state.

A pipe is a tubular section or hollow cylinder used mainly to convey substances that can flow — liquids and gases (fluids), slurries, powders, masses of small solids. Pipe is made in many materials including ceramic, fibreglass (Fibreglass Pipe Cutting Blade), many metals (Aluminium, Copper, Steel and Iron Pipe Cutting Blades), concrete (Concrete Pipe Cutting Blades) and plastic (PVC Plastic / Pipe Cutting Blades).

The Australian Saw Company range of Austsaw Ceramic Pipe Cutting Blades are specially designed to cut ceramic pipe, vitrified clay pipe or similar product.

For EXTREME ceramic pipe cutting performance, purchase from one of our Ceramic Pipe Cutting Blade stockists today. Circular Saw Ceramic Pipe Cutting Blades are available in a range of diameter, bore and teeth sizes. You’re sure to find the perfect Ceramic Pipe Cutting Blade for your application.

Australian Saw Company Pty Ltd - Manufacturer and Supplier of Austsaw Ceramic Pipe and Vitrified Clay Pipe Circular Saw Cutting Blade Products.